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Interior Decoration With Your Images

In this Age Of Opportunities, there are so many ways, how to decorate a house with our own images. Wall art is just a small part of all the interesting ways how to display images at home. Actually, we can make everything covered with images we make. Not everything should be covered with faces. There might be also images of our pets, images from places we travelled and left our heart there, or images of flowers or sunsets we experienced.

Recently, I was waiting in a line at a photo shop. A lady before me was buying a gift for somebody, and wanted to place two images of faces inside a golden heart. She took out her phone, and ordered that image. It was her memories that made those images dear to her. I was standing there, and I could feel the care and love she wanted to express with her gift. Why not? You can make personalized photo necklace.

The same way, all images we make daily, can enrich our lives, IF only we care enough and take them out from our digital storing places. Out from our phones where they are stored, or, burried.

What about a new fleece photo blanket? A bag with image from last year’s Easter, perfect for this year? What about a Memory Pillow – covered with your all images you want to remember in your room, but do not want to cover all the walls just with pictures? There are plenty of ways! Do your Interior Decoration with your own personal images!Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration


Interior DecorationInterior Decoration










Decorating-Room-With-Images  Bag-With-Hawaii-Sunset

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