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Entrepreneur And Your Brand Photography

This is for the creative entrepreneur: solopreneurs, makers, coaches, creatives, bloggers, writers, event planners, designers…you name it. Through a one-time or ongoing package, you’ll receive a combination of portraits and custom stock imagery that will tell your brand story.

The number one way to grow business is creating a real connection that builds trust. With custom brand photos, you are not only telling your clients what service to expect, you are showing them. Potential clients are much more likely to contact you when they’ve already had a visual preview of the client experience.
Long gone are the days of the cold, heartless, corporate businesses.
Today, brands are driven by the heart.
By showing up authentically you become visible and loveable.

The bundle I provide you for your business branding includes:
● headshots, ranging from informal (in your business environment) to formal (for speaking)
● Images that show every type of work you do with clients and the work you do behind-the-scenes, like writing a newsletter.
● A rich library for website and all of social media channels
● Ownable images for any future products you may want to create, like an ebook!

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