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3 Things About Photography Portfolio

As you are seeking the best photographer for your photo session, you probably are looking through many photographers’ websites, viewing more than one photgraphy portfolio. What are 3 main things to keep in mind to find the best match for your desires? When you filter your preferences, consider this:

  1. Website is a photographer’s business card in the digital world. Photography portfolio shows our work to the world. We put out our images to show not only the best images, but mostly we believe, that those images will attract the right client. Ask yourself: “Do I like the photographer’s style?” Every photographer has preferences. One is shooting landscapes, another weddings, the other—lifestyle, and so on. One photographer loves to edit in bright colors, another – light colors. Look through the photography portfolio, and find a photographer that matches your idea of what you want to see on your images. You cannot hire a photographer who loves to do black and white photography, and expect that he or she will change their style just because of you. And the “best photographer” actually is not the best of the best in the industry that you can hire for your money, but best photographer is the one that matches your style and the desired result. For example, my style is to do a lot of headshots and close-ups. I just love to show eyes of a person, to show a face as close as it is possible. Photography Portfolio Photography PortfolioI also love to do candid images, when I can show a personality of a person. I love to shoot interaction between people. I love to walk on the street, sit in the yard, and travel the world together with my client, catching environment around, smiles, wind in the hair, and the moment. I love to make meaningful photos that brings up exciting memories of THAT day when you had a photo session.

2. The natural filter is pricing. But. If you want such a style images you want,—do not look to the price at the beginning. Do not look for the cheaper photographer in the area. Photographers do pricing differently, and price should not be the filter. If you will hire the cheaper photographer, and then your images will not be what you wanted, then it will be a big disappointment, and actually it will be an expensive mistake. Rather, find the style you like, find the quality you desire, and only then look to the pricing. The very first thing to clarify is—what is included in the price? Is it 1 hour or more? Should you pay additional charge for extra time? If yes, then how much? Is there any possibility to do a photography session with different clothing? If yes – then how many outfits is included in the price? Because you might need an image for a business profile for social media, and for different places there might be a different image. Get clear also about the way images will be delivered – will you have them only in a digital format, and you will have to download them from their website, or there will be a flash drive that is included in price? How many images from the photo session? Will all of them be edited? And how about prints? Is there any additional price? And how much will cost additional images to print? You know, that every photographer that really thinks not about the business, but about client, always will offer to take care of prints. It sounds like it costs more, but—consider this! There is this thing—when THEY print your image, they guaranty the result. Because there is a printing company they cooperate with, and the colors for printing has to be matched with printer. You do not get the same quality prints from every printer, and it is better such important things to leave up to the photographer, even if it costs more. If you have hired a photographer, then invest also in the best prints. Yes, that is it—look to the photography session as an investment. Do not think it as a price or cost, but an investment.

3. Location. Is your chosen photographer available for the place you pick? Do you want a studio photography or at the other place? For example, I love to do photo sessions in a location that is comfortable, familiar and safe for the client. I love to choose locations such as homes, backyards, or favorite gathering places that help my clients feel this way. I encourage to choose locations that offer privacy and an atmosphere that allows them to be silly and free.

Photographers, here is your guide to the best portfolio: ColorMelon website guide.

Photography Portfolio

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